Aronia melanocarpa ‘Autumn Magic’

Aronia melanocarpa, commonly called black chokeberry, is an open, upright, spreading, somewhat rounded but leggy.



Prized for its beauty and used as a four-season ornamental, even the white blossoms, edible berries and fall color is sure to impress!

Let’s start with what the Autumn Magic Black Chokeberry offers in May! This lovely deciduous shrub blooms with white flowers each spring. These fragrant blooms signal the coming of its deep purplish-black berries that adorn this plant all season long. Who feasts on these berries? Well, birds gobble them right up! You may want to cover one of your bushes so you’ll have some of these healthy fruits for yourself!

Well-known as a Superfruit, the tannin-rich Aronia berries do require a bit of sweetener to bring out their best taste. Try as a chutney or sauce on pork and chicken dishes – delicious! When not in bloom, you can enjoy the Autumn Magic’s deep green, glossy foliage. When fall arrives, these glossy leaves transform into a fiery red and purple. These leaves will keep your garden captivating as fall transitions into winter.


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