Malus ‘McIntosh’ – Apple, McIntosh

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McIntosh Apple is not only a lovely tree but provides delicious apples early in the season.

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Malus ‘McIntosh’ – Apple, McIntosh

McIntosh Apple is not only a lovely tree but provides delicious apples early in the season.  One would look enticing anywhere in your landscape where you’re able to watch the daily developing of your bright red apple harvest. Your McIntosh Apple Tree is best known for its sumptuous fruit.  Its brilliant scarlet skin, thin and smooth to the touch, creates the perfect, crisp crunch when bitten into.  The pink-streaked, white flesh is both juicy and tart, prized for a variety of culinary uses.
As if the exceptional harvest weren’t enough, your McIntosh Apple Tree is also sure to be a decorative addition to your yard.  No landscape is complete without a spring infusion of delicate apple blossoms in mid-April. The scent and sight of the dainty flowers is sure to create a strong lure to pollinators, who will flock to your yard to enjoy the display.  As the apples begin to develop, you’ll enjoy watching as your fruit transitions into red, decorative balls amid the vibrant green leaves.
The McIntosh apple tree is a heavy producer of small to medium sized apples that ripen early,  In fact, your apples will be ready for harvest in mid-September and persist into early winter.  The tree is cold hardy and party self-fruitful. If a pollinator is desired however, Red Delicious, Gala or any other apple tree will do well.  It’s quite simply a hardy tree that will require little care from you but provide an early harvest of wonderful fruit every year.
* Outstanding, early fruit
* Heavy producing
* Hardy tree

Botanical Name: Malus ‘McIntosh’
Mature Height: Semi-Dwarf: 15-20′
Mature Spread: 5 – 8 feet
Soil Type: Well Drained
Moisture: Moderate
Sun Exposure: Full Sun
Growth Rate: Medium
Flower Color: White
Fruiting Time: 3 – 5 years


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