Syringa vulgaris Yankee Doodle

Among Lilacs we’ve seen, this flower is possibly the deepest, darkest purple. The huge, 8″ conical blossom clusters open from deep purple buds, filling the May garden with their voluptuous fragrance. Hybridized by the American Lilac authority, Father Fiala, this rounded, upright variety was indeed “born in the USA.”
Lilacs are among the best-known classic spring-flowering shrubs. For reliable bloom and sweet fragrance, generally before Memorial Day, these sturdy shrubs are in a class by themselves. Most Lilacs prefer full sun and neutral to slightly alkaline soil.

Zone: 3 to 7
Soil Requirements: Rich, fertile, well-drained
Fertilizer Type: 1-5-1
Flowering Season: Spring
Bloom Time: Spring
Light Requirements: Full sun
Fragrant: Yes