Our Roses

Prices starting at $36.00 each. Local delivery and installation available.

Rosa Lotty's Love Rose

Cinnamon scented rose with large, semi double flowers that are a deep shade of mauve. Medium sized with deep glossy green foliage.

Fru Dagmar Hastrup

This tough shrub rose has a great deal to offer and asks little in return.  read more...

Ruby Voodoo Rose

Not only is it an enticing color that will draw you in from across the garden.  read more...

Campfire Shrub Rose

Shapely buds with yellow and red tones open to semi-double flowers of yellow, edged in a deep rosy pink.  read more...

Julia Child

This AARS award winner was chosen by chef Julia Child herself for its rich, butter gold color.  read more...

Above and Beyond

This new large-flowered climber is a very different rose for colder climates.  read more...

Easy on the Eyes™ Rose

This uniquely colored shrub rose deserves a prime spot in the garden!

If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us.   This is just a small sample of the roses we handle, we do also special order to specs.