Hydrangea macrophylla McKRed


Grateful Red Hydrangea



 Check out this McKay Nursery introduction with a unique, unusual reddish flower for a Hydrangea macrophylla. Grateful Red is hardy but prefers the east side of a house or building performing best with protection from the afternoon heat. Maintain even moisture for best results. Mulch well in fall and cut back any dead tips in spring for best results. Mop head flowers are red, but with more acidic soil, they become purplish. The blooms age to a lavender color and the fall foliage has an incredible burgundy coloration. Grateful Red is a top-selling hydrangea that our customers have been raving about it.


Zones 4 – 9

Exposer Full Sun, Partial Shade

Soil type Normal, Sandy, Clay, Acidic, Wet

Height and spread 2'-3' Tall

Bloom color Red (Could Be Purple Or Pink Depending On Your Soil Type)