Quercus × warei 'Long

'Long' typically grows to 40-60' tall over time with a spread to 20-25'. It is noted for its narrow, cylindrical, upright habit with fastigiate branching, glossy, obovate, leathery, dark green foliage, excellent resistance to powdery mildew and excellent winter hardiness with resistance to wind and ice. Dark green leaves (to 7" long) have 6-8 pairs of usually obtuse lobes. Leaves are a soft, light green underneath. Yellow-brown fall color. Insignificant, monoecious, yellowish-green flowers in separate male and female catkins appear in spring as the leaves emerge. Fruits are oval to elliptic acorns (to
1” long) on 1-3” long stalks.

Zone: 4 to 9

Height: 40.00 to 60.00 feet

Spread: 20.00 to 25.00 feet

Bloom Time: April

Bloom Description: Yellowish green

Sun: Full sun

Water: Medium

Maintenance: Low

Suggested Use: Shade Tree, Street Tree

Flower: Insignificant

Tolerate: Drought