Magnolia 'Jane'

Jane Magnolia


'Jane' is part of the Little Girl Series. Plants in this series flower about 2-4 weeks later than M. stellata and M. × soulangiana, thus reducing the risk of damage to flowers from late spring frosts. 'Jane' is primarily noted for its compact, upright habit, large reddish-purple flowers with white interiors and late bloom (mid-April to early May). It is a slow-growing, multi-stemmed, small, deciduous tree that typically rises over time to 20-25' tall with a spread to 15-20' wide. The cup-shaped flowers (to 4" diameter) are reddish-purple with white interiors. Flowers bloom shortly before the foliage begins to appear. Flowers may sporadically repeat bloom in mid-summer. Ovate leaves (to 6" long) emerge with copper-red tints in spring, turn dark green by late spring and finally acquire yellow to bronze-copper tones in fall.


Zone: 4 to 8


Height: 20.00 to 25.00 feet


Spread: 15.00 to 20.00 feet


Bloom Time: April to May


Bloom Description: Reddish purple with white interior


Sun: Full sun to part shade


Water: Medium


Maintenance: Medium


Suggested Use: Hedge, Flowering Tree


Flower: Showy


Tolerate: Clay Soil, Air Pollution