Sweet Cherry Pie™ Cherry

Prunus 'Eubank'

From Wisconsin orchardist Bill Eubank, this new cherry tree has the sweetest tasting cherries we have ever sampled. Although it is not quite sweet enough for fresh eating like a Bing, the cherries from the Sweet Cherry Pie™ tree are fantastic for jams, jellies and pies. Imagine being able to pick cherries in your back yard for homemade summer pies! Hardy to Zone 4, even northern gardeners can grow homemade fruit. With its relatively compact size, growing to 15', this is a great tree for a home garden or small orchard.

  • Height 15'
  • Width12'
  • Exposure Full Sun
  • Zone 4-7

Additional Attributes

Bloom Date

Early Season

Growing Tips

  • Pruning Late winter
  • Watering Medium