SnowSweet Apple

Malus ‘SnowSweet’

Has a deliciously sweet, slightly tart taste. Slow to oxidize when exposed to air. Very juicy, sweet and crisp. Early to bear, very productive. Above average resistance to scab and fire blight. A semi-dwarfing rootstock was used which reduces the mature size and usually produces fruit in 4-5 years.

Height: 12-15’

Width: 14’

Foliage: Forest green foliage turning yellow in fall.

Flower: White flowers late spring

Fruit: Apples ripen in mid-September to early October in fall. Size is 3”
oblate shaped fruit, with a 70-85% bronze-red blush.

Soil: Sandy loam to clay loam.

Tolerances: Moderately drought tolerant

Hardiness Zone; Zone 4

Light:  Full Sun